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    Intro: PowerSchool for Secondary Teachers

    Download file "PowerSchool Secondary.pdf"

    Intro: PowerSchool for Elementary Teachers

    Download file "PowerSchool Elementary.pdf"

    Intro: Logging into PowerSchool admin

    (if you're using PowerSchool but do not have a roster of children you are taking attendance for)
    Download file "PS_Login.pdf"

    Electronic Discipline Referrals through PowerSchool

    Here's how to write an online discipline referral (log entry) for a child on your roster.
    Download file "Logging a Referral.pdf"
    If you need to write a referral for a child NOT on your roster (or you have no roster), please use the First Class method, below.

    Electronic Discipline Referrals through First Class

    For referrals on children you do not "own" in a roster (not in your PowerTeacher account).
    1. Log into First Class.
    2. Open the "Attention" folder for your school.
    3. Click on the file up top, labeled "Log Entry Form."
    4. Fill it out, using the pulldown menus and text boxes.
    5. Click on "Submit."