Mrs. Hawkins - 4th Grade

    Happy 2012!

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    Challenge Yourself To Succeed!!!

    Thank you to all of the students and families of Rm 22 for making Academic Show-off night such a great success! It was so wonderful having so many people from our school community come by and admire the hard work of the students! They did an amazing job with several pieces of writing, a challenging math project, and in reflecting about the important things that they have learned in 4th grade and every grade leading up to this point. I am so proud of every single one of them. They continue to push themselves to do more and to investigate problems, and are always willing to lend their knowledge with one another!

    Just a reminder that on Tuesday, May 15, we will be taking MCAS Math Session 2. Please remember to get plenty of sleep, eat a good breakfast with lots of protein, and get some exercise. We will do the same here at school so that everyone feels his/her best and feels no stress whatsoever! We are ready to put all of that critical thinking and all of our strategies to work!

    Challenge Yourself to Succeed!!!