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    ********************Welcome to Mrs. Albert's 3rd Grade********************

    3/18 Our first official MCAS test takes place tomorrow in 3rd grade. We will be testing our knowledge on all ELA skills taught thus far. Please be sure to get a good night's sleep tonight and a great hearty breakfast in the morning. Remember...."I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I CAN!" You can do this! It's all about what you know. Show what you know! :D No worries! Give it all you've got! Prove your answers and you will do fine! You can do it! :D

    3/17/14 It was great to see everyone in their green today for St. Patrick's Day! :D We took a few cute photos! Also, we had our 2nd grade classes come visit us today with a colored in shamrock & a gold coin to wish us luck for our upcoming MCAS! Thanks 2nd grade!

    3/11/14 Please wear red tomorrow for our GATHERING. It is spirit day and we can show our spirit by wearing our school colors! :D

    3/10/14 What a great turnout we had for our President Showcase! Thank you so much for coming and supporting your children! They were soooo excited to get up there to present to you all that they have been doing in & outside of school. A special thanks to the families that donated some snacks and to those that help set up and serve everyone. I appreciate all your help, kindness, & generosity.

    3/5/14 I am hoping to see parents on Friday, March 7th, if at all possible, for our President Showcase. We will start at 1:45 with a brief presentation and then a round robin share from the kids before you begin to walk around in both classrooms to check out all the fantastic replica's and posters we've done. The kids are so excited to be dressed up and to have you to their classroom.

    3/04/14 Well I am hoping that this is working and you are all able to view our website. Please let me know via email or a note in the planner if you are, in fact, utilizing this site for your student in my class. I'd love to be able to inform other parents that it is working again if in fact it is. We have not heard in here that it is working.

    2/26/14 Well Hello everyone! I'm hearing that we may have access back to our website so I'm putting this up now and hoping it's true! :D I sure hope everyone enjoyed their February Vacation! We have been busy working on our President Projects in school. Presentations just completed today. Wow! It's been very busy in here! We are hoping to get other things done and be ready for our 'showcase' next week. I will be sure to get a notice home to families so that you all may attend! The kids are soooo excited to have you come in!

    12/6 Please be sure to continue on your holiday traditions essay so we can get them edited and final copies completed next week! Have a great weekend! Be sure to review and return notices for Colonial field trip & our gingerbread making day!

    12/01 We are all back and doing well. We now have to try our best to keep focused during this magical holiday season! We will be working on our book reports this month. Be sure to take great notes so you are prepared to present on Dec. 18th. We will also be working on our Holiday Traditions Essay in class this month. I can't wait to hear how everyone celebrates in the month of December! In addition, we will be have lots of activities taking place. It will be a fun month, even with all the work we have to do! :D

    11/30 I sure hope you all had a spectacular Thanksgiving weekend. I can't wait to hear about all the wonderful things you did over your time off! We will share some of things tomorrow now that you have written a few things down today! :D

    11/26 Wishing you all a Wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. May you all enjoy a bountiful meal and precious family time!

    11/20 We had another busy week at school. Please be sure to finish up with your Super Powers and/or Curriculum Director Essays. They are both due before our Thanksgiving break. You can do it!

    11/15 It was great meeting with the many parents that made it to our parent/teacher conferences. I think there were only 3 families that we did not get to meet with out of the 36 families ...that's terrific! I hope you all feel that things are going pretty well in 3rd grade at this point. We all know that it's a difficult transition for most and that it seems too hard for the kids, but the standards mandate that the entire state be capable of all the things that are being taught in our classrooms. We are all in this together and only want the best for our students, your children. Please continue to work with us as a team for the best education for your child. We thank you for your support!

    11/10 We hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. May we all fondly remember all the veterans that served for our country.
    We have a very busy week as we all get ready for our Parent/Teacher Conferences. Teachers are preparing report cards & comments while students are writing letters to their families about school.
    We are looking forward to meeting with all of you at the end of this week.

    11/04 Don't forget...No school for students tomorrow, Tues, Nov. 5th due to Election Day. Thanks! Have a great day off! :D

    11/01 It was a wonderful day in here today. We had many things going on at once, but the day still ran smoothly! We started out our a.m. watching 4th grade's vocabulary parade. It was wonderful! We then attended Ty Allen Jackson in our gym for a school-wide assembly where we learned a lot about this author - what inspires his writing, how long it took him to write certain books, and that the love of writing is a pretty amazing skill! :D
    Later, we viewed & listened to all our "characters" as they presented themselves in our "Dress As Your character Book Reports". It was an amazing time! The kids all looked great! We enjoyed learning about each and everyone of them and about the stories they read. Presentations will become easier and easier as we continue to do them throughout the year. Good job everyone! :D

    10/31 Happy Halloween to all! May you all have a SPOOK-tacular & BOO-tiful night! The only thing you have to do is be ready for book report tomorrow & be safe tonight! :D Thank you to all the families that sent in a snack to share with the class. We are all very appreciative! We know it was such a short notice and yet everyone pulled through! Thanks also, for wearing your orange & black! Wahoo! What a great day!

    10/30 My apologies if you did not receive the note about our Halloween activities. We are hoping the kids will wear orange and black clothing, bring a healthy snack to share with classmates and be ready to recite their poem and share their creative spooky writing piece! :D We also did not send any HW home for this evening other than studying math facts and finishing up their cards & costume for Friday's book report. Enjoy! :D

    10/29 A notice should have gone home today reminding students to wear orange in black in light of Halloween! We will not be dressing up in costumes but will be reciting poetry and sharing a healthy snack. :D

    10/27 Halloween week has arrived. The kids will be all excited for Thursday, Oct. 31st. We will do our best to keep them focused during the school day so that their regular routine isn't interrupted too much. :D We will, however, try to celebrate Halloween on Wed. by dressing up in orange & black and reciting our Halloween Poem and hopefully having the kids write a short spooky story! In addition, we will have a busy Friday morning as we watch 4th grade's Vocabulary Parade, have a guest author at our school, and then present our Dress As Your Character Book Report's on Friday afternoon. :D
    Please be sure that your child has all notecards completed and has their costumes ready so they can practice their presentation all this week. I suggested that they practice in front of family if they can, or practice in front of their dolls or stuffed animals, and/or even in front of their mirror. They should be familiar with all the information on the cards so that they are not just standing in front of the class reading the cards.

    10/21 The clock is ticking and boy is it going fast! The days just fly by! I sure hope all is going well thus far with everyone. I know it's an extremely busy & quick paced environment, but we sure hope that all students/families are getting more used to the routine now. It definitely takes time. Parent/teacher conferences & 1st term report card grades will be happening within the month so those that we have not met with yet, we look forward to meeting with you in November for sure. :D

    As we all know, the 1st book report presentation will be next Friday, Nov. 1st. I hope that everyone is feeling comfortable and confident about their presentation. The notecards and the requirements for each notecard went home yesterday, so hopefully that has cleared up any questions on what's expected to be done. Please let us know ASAP if you are confused about anything regarding next Friday's presentation. If the students complete the book, their cards, & costume, then each night next week can be used to practice their presentation so they feel ready to present at school on Friday. :D

    There is a 1/2 day on Wednesday, Oct. 23rd for all students. 11:35 dismissal.

    10/11 Wow! Another week has flown by and next week will be a short week so I can't imagine how fast that time will feel too! ha! We had an amazing science experiment today at school but the kids are writing about it so they will be bringing home on Tuesday to share with you! :D If you are interested in placing a Scholastic Book order, you may use the code I sent home and order on line directly, or you can send in your order with a check made out to Scholastic! The kids love of reading is hugely beneficial as you all are aware, I'm sure. It just seems to make a huge difference when they get to be the ones to pick their book out. :D Anyway, wishing you all a fantastic long weekend! See you all on Tuesday!
    FYI...some of our students that were planning on taking a make-up SS test today, all voted on waiting until Tuesday so they have extra time to study! :D

    10/07 Our marking term is already half over! Boy is time just flying by. Progress reports went home last Friday to some families. If you received one, please be sure to review it, sign it on the back, and return back to school. We will all work hard to make sure we see some kind of improvement in all areas before the quarter closes. Please continue to encourage your child to do his/her best each day. Thank you! Teachers, parents, & students working together make a terrific team! :D

    10/04 It's unbelievable how time flies. We all can't believe that we have been there the whole month of September and now the 1st week of October already! If only we could slow it down! It's was a busy week with lots going on. We had a terrific gathering on Wednesday where some participants from each grade level acted out a little skit on what the 3R's of Capeless look like. It was terrific! It was a great reminder to all of us all the expectations we have of our behavior and work ethic and how we are all in it together! We are a team and we are all helping one another be THE BEST WE CAN BE! Let's continue with that motto and feel proud of ourselves. It will be a great year!
    We had our 1st Lunch Bunch in 3A this week. We pull from all the Cubs Cards earned each month and we schedule a Lunch Bunch date in the classroom where the students who's names got pulled get to eat lunch in the classroom 1 day. They all enjoy it so much! Keep earning those Cubs Cards! It's easy on Friday's if you wear Red in 3rd grade to show your school spirit you earn one! Let's do it! :D Have a great weekend!

    9/27 Our Relocation Drill was a huge success today. All classes got out of the school quickly and made it to our relocation destination is record time! The fire department was very proud of us. We can't believe another full week has gone by and that next week is October already! Oh my the time is flying! :D If only we could slow it down just a little bit! ha! Sure hope you all had a terrific weekend. The weather was beautiful in VT for sure! I hope it was as beautiful in the Berkshires! See you on Monday!

    9/26 Please do not forget to have your children dress appropriately for our "relocation drill" tomorrow....they should have comfy walking shoes and a jacket. Thank you! Sure hope you all enjoyed your afternoon off. It was a beautiful day. :D

    9/25 Enjoy your half day! Lucky you! It's beautiful out there! :D

    9/20 We made it through another whole week of school! We took a vote today and all but 4 of us thought the week absolutely flew by! Wow! It's a whirlwind! :D So, we are all trying to adjust to all the new routines and changes in 3rd grade. We are all catching on at different paces as to be expected. We will continue to work hard and will all offer each other a helping hand so that we all are on the same page soon and find our routines easier. We WILL get there! :D

    Picture Day is on Monday so come with your $ envelopes and your best smile! :)

    Any assignments that came home this weekend with your child must be completed by Monday. They have had this week to complete and need a grade on Monday to avoid a 0. There is not any HW on weekends typically, but if there are missing HW or CW assignments, they must be done over the weekend and turned in on Monday for a grade.

    Hope you all have a marvelous weekend! :D
    9/16 Just a few abbreviations you may notice on planner or notes.
    ML = math log
    RL = reading log
    PL = planner
    BF = blue folder
    WS = worksheet
    NB = notebook

    9/13 Happy Friday The 13th to all! Sure hope it was a great day for everyone. We all made it through our 1st full week of school. We continued to practice our classroom expectations and did some initial testing in subjects to help us get a better understanding of what everyone has retained from previous years of learning. :D
    We listened to presentations about summer reading projects as well. Great job to all those that took the time to do a summer project. Have a terrific weekend. There is a test on Robust Vocab. on Monday so be sure to study. If you do not have your red NB with you please look on the Reading page here to find your words.

    9/12 The week is flying by. We are doing pretty well with getting our planners & reading logs signed so keep up the good work. If you are one that has not been getting things signed, please try your best to do so. That's the easy part! :D You can do it!
    I forgot to mention again today at Planner time, but we try to wear Red tops on Friday to show our school spirit! Please do your best to wear red!

    9/11 Our days in school seem to be flying by quickly! We have been doing lots of learning and testing and practicing of expectations. So far so good! Please do remember to sign your child's planner each evening. It will help them to keep on track with all assignments if you look at and sign the bottom of the planner each day. Thanks so much!

    9/09 Hello everyone! Welcome back from the weekend! I sure hope you all enjoyed the time off. It was beautiful out! :D
    We all must remember that on Friday's, we still get our planner signed and the back of the blue folder signed too. Signing the back of the blue folder lets us know that you went through any/all notices and any/all graded papers. Thanks!

    9/06 We made it through our 1st week of school! Wahoo! Time is flying already! Today was our 2nd day of having ALL planners signed! Terrific job everyone! Keep up the great work! Wishing you all a spectacular weekend. See you on Monday! :)

    9/05/13 What an awesome job done by all of 3rd grade in 3A. Every single student brought their planner back signed and earned a stamp! We also earned a star that will earn them a gem in our star box! Wahoo! Way to go! We will be looking for this turn out daily if possible! See planner for tonight's assignments! Remember, assignments are typically every M-Th. The HW on Friday's is to look through and review all papers in the blue folder. Sign the Friday planner and sign the back of the blue folder! We can do it!

    9/04 3rd Grade students will be coming home with their new planner and blue communication folder. Please show them how proud you are of their writing smaller to fit it in the boxes! They are soooo excited! So for tonight, we had them write in there to read for 15 minutes and to study math facts. If you don't have your boxes of flashcards for + - x / you can have your child go onto my website and work on math magician until you get them their packages of cards. I gave out all the folders and notebooks that I purchased, so if there are any remaining notebooks and folders that your child needs, could you please send them in soon. Thank you!

    9/03/13 What a Great 1st Day we had! The time just flew by! We are all in process of organizing all our folders and understanding what morning work & duties look like. We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow at 8:30 sharp! Our "Poem of the Week" will be waiting! See you all soon! For those of you that do not have your supplies, please do your best to have them tomorrow. We will be using one of the composition notebooks again tomorrow morning for our poetry so you want to be sure you have that so you are not behind. Thanks! :D Have a good night!

    Happy 1st Day! Wow! I can't believe it's here!

    It was nice to meet lots of you this evening. Thanks so much for popping in. I hope you found our classroom's welcoming and that you feel comfortable and confident about your child's 3rd grade journey. Please keep the lines of communication open and help make this a wonderful experience. We look forward to sharing in your child's love of learning!
    I hope you find the packet that we sent home helpful and please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy the remaining weekend of summer. See everyone on Tuesday, September 4th! :)

    We hope to see lots of you tonight at 5:30 for our "Meet The Teacher Night". It will be great to see our students before they go outdoors and to meet all the parents to discuss some of our classroom expectations and how the day looks in 3rd grade! Also, if you care to bring in any of the supplies so that it's easier on Tuesday, that would be fine as well. Thanks! See you this evening!

    Hello Everyone! The summer is coming to a close and the 2013-2014 year is about to begin. Teachers started school today and are all ready for the students to arrive next week on Tuesday, September 3rd. It will be a pleasure to see you all then. For now, enjoy your last few days of summer vacation!